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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Tundra Tabloids: Hall of Shame: UN Human Rights Council to adopt report praising Gaddafi regime

Navi Pillay
Worm-head Cath Ashton
"GENEVA, Feb. 28 – UN Watch, which heads the Global Campaign to remove Libya from the Human Rights council, today called on US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, EU foreign minister Catherine Ashton and UN rights chief Navi Pillay to urge the council president to cancel a planned resolution praising Libya’s human rights record, scheduled to be adopted in the current session." Read the rest here and try not to vomit!!

How the h#ll did they get there in the first place? Navi Pillay the anti-semite Israel-hater and Catherine Ashton the gormless ex-CND activist and worm-brained Marxist! What a hideous circus!!

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