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Friday, 4 March 2011

Latest Protests in Iran.

Iran election demo 2009
Iran Now! Demonstrators on the streets of Tehran March 1, 2011
"The movement in spreading. Government has been able to localize its censorship and can cut Internet, telephone and communication of different parts of the city separately (in Tehran at least). Islam Shahr uprising shows that the movement is spreading everywhere. Ayatollah Dastgheib's showdown with Ayatollah Khamenei shows that a growing (however slow) number of religious leaders are breaking away from the system. The regime is increasing the brutality."
Iran-Sponsored Hamas

Anyone who has followed the events in Iran from the elections in 2009 will know about brutality.
Will know how young protesters who were demonstrating against the fraudulent result of the election, were beaten, arrested put in metal containers and mass raped, boys and girls, by the Basiji and IRGC. How they were imprisoned, tortured and murdered by sadistic and/or drugged members of the regime. Some of these murderers, many of whom come from desperately poor families and who had no other job options in order not to starve, have also had to escape Iran because they could not stand what they had to do!
Iranian Mullahs and Paedophilia

Please pray for all these Iranians, that they may be delivered from this evil.
Gay Teenagers being hanged in Iran
The only way is to renounce izlam. Otherwise this will be a never-ending hell on earth!

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