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Sunday, 13 March 2011


Those in control of British universities were happy to benefit from money that should have stayed in Libya, educating ordinary Libyans and giving them a future. All these heads of universities would have been fully aware of the situation regarding Gaddafy's rule, yet still they took the money.

The 110 institutions registered a total of 2,880 students from Libya last year, including judges and police officers - part of Gaddafi’s feared security network.
Critics said the scale of Libyan deals strengthened the case for a full-scale inquiry into the links between British universities and Tripoli.
Among those which took Libyan students were members of the Russell Group, which represents the 20 top UK universities, including Leeds, St Andrews, King’s College London and Glasgow.

The list includes all the colleges which hold anti-Israel, anti-Jew conferences and host virulently anti-Semitic student unions. King's College, above, is part of the University of London, hosts to a number of potential suicide bombers, including the "undie-bomber". Clare Solomon, the vicious anti-Semite, is head of ULU, the student union.
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