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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Harry's Place Morons Call for End to Gaza "Blockade", Let the Weapons in!!

Here are the photos of the armaments Syria was shipping to Gaza:

Here is a screenshot of a typical dhimmied-down UK blog that thinks that there should be less sanctions  against the poor impoverished Arabs in Gaza. 

The usual BBC sneering lies about how the fakes "only" have bread, rice and vegetables, when there is so much fruit it seems it will rot before its eaten! Here are some nice cows; maybe they are Arab pets - 

Hamas gets millions of dollars from the US, UK, EU and other sources, but still these hate-loving bodies like UNHCR and UNIFIL lie about the "poor Palestinians" If only their leaders did not spend the international aid they receive on weapons and if only the Nazis in the US government, the UK, EU and UN did not pander to these killers of Jews!!

Hey! Gazans even EXPORTING tomatoes, written 6  March 2011!!
Don't bother to google "Gaza"photos because there is just anti-Israel propaganda. After the arabs have finished using their children as shields when they attack Israel, they lay them out for the Nazi press to gurgle over. The pictures are all posed! No pictures of the Jews they murder.
Here are pictures of Gaza:

This is from the Palestinian press. More here:

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