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Monday, 14 March 2011

Polish women in the UK are more likely to have a baby than Brits and those living in Poland

Polish women living in the UK are more likely to have children than the British and those living in Poland.
A better benefits system and the NHS have been given as the main reason behind families choosing to have their children here and the old myth that people are coming here to work temporarily has been dispelled by new mothers who have chosen to lay their roots in the UK.
Researchers found that in England and Wales Polish women had 18,000 children in 2009 - making them second in fertility rates only to Pakistani women.
A further 2,000 children of Polish descent were born in Scotland.
The same year British women had a fertility rate of 1.84 compared to 2.48 for the Poles.

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"A better benefits system" is the operational phrase, and that includes the National Health Service. 

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