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Saturday, 12 March 2011

ABEID!! Only a mozlem cannot be a racist!!

Racist scum who lives in Oxford.

"ABEID" is an arabic word that means both "black and "slave".
Sex attacker's brother,( who has been claiming benefits for "a couple of years" but lives with his parents?), and who called black BBC cameraman 'a slave' walks free from court.

A judge told a sex attacker's brother who racially abused a BBC cameraman that he would have liked to have sent him to prison as he walked free from court.
Camerman Marcel Bailey was preparing to record outside a crown court following a heated sexual assault sentencing when the defendant's brother, Mohammed Ali, stepped in front of the camera and began to hurl racial abuse at him.
The father-of-one was this week convicted of calling the black BBC cameraman a 'slave' and telling him to 'get back to his plantation' as he tried to film an interview.
District Judge Tim Pattinson found Ali, of Howard Street, Oxford, guilty of a racially aggravated public order offence when he appeared in front of a District Judge.
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Who will the leftie scum back on THIS issue?? What is the betting they will not even report it!!

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