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Friday, 17 December 2010

Must Watch Video: Terry Lakin Sentenced! 18 year Military Veteran who refused to acknowledge Obama Commander-in-Chief.

Army Birther Terrence Lakin Sentenced (VIDEO)
by Jack Ryan

"Quote: Army birther Terrence Lakin sentenced! Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, an 18-year military veteran and doctor who refused to deploy because he believes that President Obama is not a natural born citizen, and therefore that he did not have to follow his orders to deploy back overseas because the orders were "illegal", has been sentenced to six months in prison and a discharge from the military.
Lakin made his decision not to deploy in order to draw attention to the fact that President Obama has refused, and in fact is fighting in numerous courts to block the release of his original birth certificate. Obama has only released a hospital "live birth" document from Hawaii, which were often issued after a birth which may or may not have happened in Hawaii at the time.
Those who are questioning the authenticity of Obama's citizenship, called "birthers" or the "birther movement", are calling the court decision a victory - albeit an abominable action - saying Lakin's case is still a win for the movement because it will provide more exposure to the issue, and keep the pressure on the president to prove he was born in the United States, according to an ABC news report. "

UPDATE: Terry Lakin pleads guilty.

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