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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Harry's Place » The Salafi exploitation of young British Muslim Women

"This is a cross-post by Umm Amina (a former Salafi sister)

In the year 2001 I contacted the ‘Salafi’ communities at their main headquarters in the UK as I was searching for a good Islamic community and sincere Muslims who would help me learn about Islam and take my studies further. In 2004, disgusted by their behaviour, attitudes and bigotry, I left them for good. In this article I want to share my first hand experiences to raise awareness about the way ‘Salafis’ use Islam to prey on young and vulnerable women."

"There were ten Salafist congresses in Spain during 2010, compared with only one in 2008.
Experts warn that 10% of the nearly 1,000 mosques in Spain preach Jihad during Friday sermons, with about 70-80 imams from Morocco and Algeria used for this radical discourse."
Also, Spain is allowing mozlems to bring in sharia law! here

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