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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Stockholm Bomber Not Reported To Police By Luton Islamic Centre

A small selection of mosques in Luton
Here, we have proof positive that so called "moderate muslims" do NOT report the "extremists"!! This morning on BBC Radio 4 news at 8am, the UK minister for national security was interviewed about the "Prevent" initiative, millions of pounds channelled into Government-sponsored muslim groups for the sole purpose of preventing people becoming terrorists.

This was only initiated AFTER the 7th July 2005 bombings in London, which murdered 53 people and severely injured hundreds more!

What has "Prevent" achieved and how does it operate? The minister, former MI5 head, Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones, ummed and erred and spluttered but did not actually answer the question. She of course, had nothing to do with it's implementation. It was a muslim sop created by the previous Labour government, to forstall any "backlash" against muslims. Before any backlash actually materialised and just in time for them to adopt the new weapon of "islamophobia" against anyone who dare criticise islam.

In fact, as a former resident of the muslim-infested London Borough of Newham, attacks on white people actually increased! I personally experienced several, by muslims, both male and female. The local mayor and former Labour MP, Sir Robin Wales, knighted for getting muslims to vote Labour, was full of himself and acted as if 7/7 had never happened: mosques sprouted like mushrooms after a wet night! We could not get a doctor AT ALL in the area when we moved in. All the local surgeries were full of muslims: Somalis who had just arrived in the country, women in hijabs and screaming children. The muslim people who ran the pharmacy near our house, were so rude we stopped using it. The police drove about in large BMWs and never stopped or walked about. The council permitted mosques to be built without planning permission. at the last count, in 2007, there were 9 mosques in Romford Road, Newham.

"Prevent" has poured money into mosques and into moslems'pockets, but it has not halted the flow of terrorist-supporting hate-speakers into the country nor "prevented" any muslims from taking up jihad. It certainly has not reached the mosque in Luton!

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