Message to one diktator re another

Monday, 20 December 2010

BBC News - 12 Men arrested in anti-terror raids

BBC News - Men arrested in anti-terror raids

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  1. The article says a lot, and at the same time very little.
    Hope this isn't some attempt to blow up smoke, as real terrorists aren't the sort of friendly folks that like to be arrested by unarmed police officers.

  2. Yes, you have a valid point there! It may well be a smoke-screen. Like this vicious demo organised by Anjem Chaudry, our resident islamo-nazi, on 24th December, to condemn Christmas. He is calling it "Violent Night".

  3. Oh, and that's not hate speech? I don't have to celebrate Christmas to feel outrage over this shameless incitement.

    I imagine it would be wonderful to see his hate-mongering face being sent on a ship to Afghanistan or its equivalent one day... we can dream, can't we? :)