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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Anarchy in the UK!!

So-called leaders of the violent riots that took place under the banner of a student's fees protest, blamed police for inciting the mayhem that they brought to central London. According to the Sunday Telegraph, Simon Hardy, from the National Campaign against Fees and Cuts, said police tactics were to blame for the violent "resistance". That can be judged from the videos of the events, both during daylight and night-time. Do they think everyone is as stupid as they are? Are we really going to believe that pissing on statues and spraying grafitti over any bit of stone, smashing phone boxes and throwing fireworks at horses, is simply due to the presence of the police?

The key to this riot is the word "resistance". This word is becoming increasingly popular among the spoilt vicious and downright genocidal occupants of this planet. It has been used by communists, talking about their "struggle" against capitalism and "oppression", as in when Lenin and Stalin ordered the mass murder of the Russian kulaks, when Mao instigated the Cultural Revolution and the Chinese starved in their millions, struggling against capitalism while their leaders led lives of luxury.

The word "resistance" is used by Arab/muslim terrorists, as in resisting the Zionists. What are they resisting? Being dragged into the 21st century? Being forced to live in peace? Honour-killings, child marriage and rape, stoning of adulterers and hanging of gays?

This concept of "resistance" is totally hypocritical and misleading in the way muslims and leftists use it as a bulwark against criticism. What are they resisting? Being told there is a right way and a wrong way to behave? The whole edifice of the left and islam is infantilism and retardation.

Resistance according to my dictionary (Cassell's 1962) definition is: "refusal to comply, an underground organisation of civilians and others in an enemy-occupied country, directed to sabotaging the invader's plans, and rendering their position impossible." This must be referring to the Resistance, the group of French communists and Jews who genuinely fought an evil enemy, Nazi Germany!

That is also who these wretches deem themselves equal to!

Not a bunch of spoiled middle-class white kids and their muslim props, who have been bred by the Labour government into a sense of entitlement and the thin skins of a bunch of ugly violent narcissists! UK Uncut, another group that feels entitled to free money, has been praised by Labour MP, Michael Meacher, former environment secretary and John McDonnell a prominent supporter of Red Ed Milliband. David Winnick, another Labour MP also expressed his approval of the rioters: he has clearly never left his first childhood!

A website praised any protester who "landed a blow to a copper, a brick through a window or a dent in the car of the parasitic royals," as a "working class hero". What they mean is a member of the non-working class, because not one of them are working class or remotely heroes and it is they who are  parasitic!

What a repulsive parody they are!

Video here of night rioting:  and  here and here.


  1. I am a genuine white working class hetro' left school at 15, worked all my life untill being made redundant at 48. Now on the scrapheap, no benefits for me, paid my way and had savings put aside for a rainy day, which now looks like it will last 18 years.
    But what really did it for me was seeing the ex pm call a lifelong Labour voter a bigot. This showed me and probably god knows how many more people the way white working class people are thought of by our rulers, and this a Labour LABOUR pm.

  2. If you look at the Labour MPs, most of them are "toffs"! Although I am middle class it is clear the people of England, the REAL wealth creators, not the professional gamblers in the banking system, have been betrayed and for a long time now. The only people that revolution serves, however, is the commies and islamists. Change must now come from the grassroots.