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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Sufi Islam in Kosovo: the TRUE religion of peace!

01.12.2010 @ 13:37 CET
When Kosovo declared its independence in 2008, newspapers carried headlines such as "The birth of the first Islamic state in Europe" and "Muslim fundamentalist mafia obtain a state in Kosovo".

4 Year old Kosovan Sufi Muslim Boy, his body pierced with meat skewers: Key Stage 1 Sufism??
"In fact, Islam did not play a role in the Albanian march to independence, either in Kosovo or in Albania when it became independent from the Ottoman Empire at the beginning of the twentieth century.

The ceremony hall of the Rifaiya brotherhood in Prizren, Kosovo. (Photo: Dan Alexe)
Contrary to some claims, Islam was not involved in the Kosovar pursuit of liberty because the branch of the religion in Kosovo, as in most of the Balkan region, belongs historically to the tolerant, mystical branch called Sufism. Sufism is still the main form of Islam practised in many parts of the Balkans, especially in Kosovo and Macedonia.
The majority of Albanians in Kosovo and Macedonia are Muslim, but a sizeable number of practising believers belong to Sufi brotherhoods. This is a contemplative brand of Islam based on collectives in which the members, called dervishes, practice mystical exercises through which they reach a communal trance."

Dont be fooled: Islam is Islam, this is taqqiya!


  1. Powerful pics. I am going to investigate this "branch" of Mohammedanism a bit.

  2. This is NOT Kosovar boy and definitely not Kosovo!

    It's a zikr (ceremony of collective trance) performed from Roma community in Skopje (Macedonia) for the occasion of the great holiday of Nevruz (March 21). (Dan Alexe, 1997)

  3. Lendita, thank you very much for explaining that! Nevruz must be the Zoroastrian Newroz. But I have never seen this done before!