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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Teamsters: the union that passed from father to son - Times Online

Teamsters: the union that passed from father to son - Times Online

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  1. Interesting that this Times article drew only two comments.

    The Jimmy-Hoffa's-body jokes are fading now that his disappearance is very old news. He's passing out of the cultural memory of the US. Which is probably why so few commented on the story.

    Besides, there are so many other crooked unions now -- SIEU (if I have the service workers' union title correct) -- is the one in ascendance now. Needless to say, it's owned by the Dems, as is the teachers' union. That one is *big* and pulls a lot of weight. Surprising the Times didn't write about the real deal instead of history.

    The creation of the unions permitted the Democrats to take over running our cities. Which is why many large American cities are in deep trouble. Detroit is essentially a failed state. I read some idjit the other day blaming the fate of Detroit on "unfettered capitalism". Besides noticing that the two words seem joined at the hip now (like "right wing" goes with "extreme" and "liberal" goes with "activist" instead of "criminal") I pointed out to the person that u.c. had not sent the mayor to prison or made Detroit the capital of government entitlement giveaways.

    Oops...I'm starting to write a post instead of leaving a comment!