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Saturday, 27 March 2010

"Now Barack Obama the brave has Israel to contend with". | News

This repellent and false statement was made by an English dhimmi (islamic servant) However the newspaper it appeared in is owned by Alexander Lebedev, a former KGB spy and currently a billionaire oligarch. Lebedev bought the Evening Standard from the group that owned the Daily Mail, when it became too expensive to run. It has been the number one London evening paper for at least 40 years.

However it has now become another mouthpiece for Israel-haters!

How on earth is the most powerful man on earth, the president of the United States, "brave" by bullying the leader of Israel, a tiny country the size of Wales, into diminishing his own country?

How is Hussain Obama "brave" in treating Netanyahu like a whipping boy, trying to humiliate him in the eyes of the world, and especially the muslim world, for trying to protect the people of Israel from the blood-thirsty, head-chopping, child-raping islamonazis?

It is pure INCITEMENT to attack Israel and those enemies have immediately struck, as in the murder of the 2 Israel soldiers by the nazi Hamas!

Look at any map of the world and see REALITY: the size of the USA and the muslim empire surrounding Israel and then see who is brave! Hussain Obama is weak, he stands with the islamic empire as a bully, and all bullies are essentially cowards.

James Fenton, whoever he is - and by the look on his face he has been taking it up the back from his muslim masters- has completely twisted the truth, completely PERVERTED the reality in order that it fit in with his islamonazi owners.

It is Israel that is brave and Israel is also fighting for freedom-lovers in the West, though most of them are too wrapped up in their Jew-hatred to care.

Read the whole thing.

Now Barack Obama the brave has Israel to contend with | News

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