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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Response by Top Academic and Businessman to Nazi University of Toronto hosting "Israeli Apartheid Week"

Howard Rotberg writes on to return his two degrees.

Read the whole piece.

This blogger has been inspired to return her BA(Hons) to a certain London university that hosts discussions by known muslim jihadis advocating death to Jews and to Israel.

One thing IS certain: the type of people that follow these jihadis are not only moral relativists and cowards, but physical cowards; like their bullying islamic masters.

Message to all Jews and Supporters of Israel: please follow Howard Rotberg's example!

Send back your degrees to Oxford, which proclaims Tarik Ramadan, grandson of the founder of Muslim Brotherhood,and a known anti-semite and terrorist, a Professor.

Send them back to places like SOAS,London Metropolitan University and University of East London.

Why? Because these former seats of high learning have become promoters of the Nazi-Jihadi fascist ideology and they are no longer "universal".

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