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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Hypocrite Barack Obama must justify covert killing. Or halt it - contains video

The world-class hypocrite Hussain Obama permits targetted killings by the US but apparently not by Israel.

Israel is a sovereign state. How dare he and his Muslim Brotherhood cohorts interfere with Israel's right to eliminate HER enemies?

America doles out billions of dollars to the failed state Pakistan, to the collapsed state Egypt and many more muslim countries. I haven't heard BO condemning the attempted genocide, in Egypt, of the Coptic Christians, who are the original people of that land. I have not heard BO or any member of his Government condemn Pakistan and Bangladesh for permitting the murder of Christians by muslims.

Our Hussain picks on only ONE country: the one his fellow muslims are seeking to have swept into the sea. I know Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod are Jewish. They are hideous and treacherous perverts. It is impossible to understand why they wish to see the destruction of Israel.

But it will never happen because Israel will defy the haters, wherever they are from. Israel has many new friends she may not know about but they are there and they understand only too well, what she is fighting for!

Israel, I hope will continue to defy the muslim in the White House - who is but an empty shell, a cypher; filled with islamic pus and bile by the inheritors of the Mufti of Jerusalem and Hitler.

 forBarack Obama must justify covert killing. Or halt it - contains video

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