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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Obama's Indonesian Cousin: One Country Should not Occupy Another!"

According to Obama's Indonesian cousin, Haryo Soetendro, who grew up with Barry Obama Soetoro, the US president "must pull troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq if he wants to reconcile muslims and the West."

In an exclusive interview with Monday 15 March,Mr Soetendro said:

"The Iraq and Afghanistan problems should be solved peacefully(?) and that is what Barry is trying to do... there is common opinion that one country should not occupy another. No one would want their home occupied by someone else!"

That is SO true!

My country, England is now occupied by an aggressive, murderous, head-chopping child-raping bunch of colonists called muslims.

Israel is fighting the occupation of muslims in its historic lands!

Europe is also fighting the muslim occupation of its ancient lands!

Africa has already been colonised in HALF its land-mass, so has Indonesia and Malaysia, who were both Buddhist countries before the invasion of the muslim!

North America and South America have also been invaded! In fact, the OIC, or Organisation of Islamic conference boasts 57 varieties - I mean 57 muslim countries in its group. That is 56 countries that muslims have overrun and conquered by warfare, murder, rape and forced conversions.

Iran too has been a victim of islamic aggression, a former great civilisation, brought to its knees by the death and hate cult: islam. In fact, when muslims first attacked Persia, they were driven off. However the next time, they needed help and in the 7th century, begged the Chinese for assistance but with no luck.

So Mr Soetendro, we do not want our homes occupied by muslims: go back to YOUR home Saudi Arabia. Because you are still occupying 57 other countries!

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