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Monday, 3 January 2011

"Ramallah like Europe!" Al Arabiya

Something even Europeans don't have: Rachel Corrie (anti-Semite) Street!
""I felt like I was in Europe," said a news reader from Dubai to PA TV, describing her surprise at the quality of life during her visit to the Palestinian Authority city of Ramallah. She explained that her incorrect impressions were because the news reporting likes to focus on bad news: "Bad news is good news," for the media, and "if someone dies, or something is destroyed, then that's newsworthy," she said. Having been witness to only negative reporting about life in the Palestinian areas, the Palestinian journalist who has been living in Dubai added: "I didn't expect to find you alive." But she found life in the PA to be different from the media image and felt as if in Europe. "
Maisun Azzam, a journalist from Al-Arabiya TV in Dubai, was interviewed on the PA TV talk show, Palestine this morning.

Well, we all knew that! Because Europe and the US pours billions of dollars annually into the area, the "palestinians" live like Europeans, except most of them don't work, as they are on "pay-Pal"!!

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  1. No wonder the reporter felt like in Europe - the place was filled with Muslims.
    Funny thing is, without EU and US money, Ramallah would have to rely on stealing and drug smuggling, as well as whatever odd job those 'evil Israelis' would be willing to take them to.
    Hurray for the economy of parasites.