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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

In Hebrew "alah" means curse: Zechariah warns of an alah(curse)spreading over the Earth.

Miniature of Mohammed re-dedicating the Black Stone at the Kaaba. From Jami Al-Tawarikh ("The Universal History" written by Rashid Al-Din), a manuscript in the Library of the University of Edinburgh; illustrated in Tabriz, Persia, c. 1315. 

Jimmy Brady at Atlas Shrugs:
"Thousands of years before Mohammad, Islam was warned about in the Torah - in Hebrew, "alah" means "curse". Zechariah warns of an alah(curse)spreading over the Earth. Also the Christian Bible warns of an Antichrist cult whose characteristics are: disregard for womens rights, believing it serves "god"when it kills innocents, worships a "god"of war, beheads non-adherents, bows to an object(a fallen star - meteorite),persecutes Jews, blasphemes the True God....AND all the nations that it will reside in are NAMED in Ezekiel 28-32! 
It is time for Jews and Christians to realise we both worship the same God AND He gave us the information we need in His Word. The generation that saw God's people return to THEIR land will see the Messiah.1948+70=2018....2018-7=2011.There will be seven years of tribulations before the return of Messiah."
The warning was also given by the prophet Zoroaster, 500BC, who named evil as "the Lie". Lying is a core precept of izlam: taqqiya and kitman in Arabic.

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