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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Norway: 13 year old girl raped at knife-point on marriage night!

"Every year you are my beloved," the man wrote his cousin in what police thinks is a wedding album. She was just 13.

Now, four years later, the girl lives in a secret location in Norway. Police fear she might be abducted and killed is anybody in her family gets to her.

Police think that the cousin (24), aunt (47), uncle (51), the girl's mother (39) and her father (40) are responsible for the most serious forced-marriage case in Norway ever - and have charged all five in a trial which begins in Oslo today."

But then Norway is one of the most pro-izlamic and anti-Semitic countries in the EU: why the surprise? the government there even permits mozlem racism against it's own children! On this video:

Islam in Europe: Oslo: Family charged for marrying off 13 year old daughter

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