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Monday, 1 February 2010

UK Government Ministers with Terror Supporter - Telegraph 30 January 2010

Two Cabinet members are to speak at the same event as Terror Supporter and justifier of killing British troops, Azad Ali.

Harriet Harman, Leader of the Commons and Ed Miliband(whose father is Jewish)Energy Secretary will be speaking at the same event.(Andrew Gilligan)

Azad says" few muslims who promote the understandings of the term "jihad" in it's comprehensive glory, as a doctrine of self-purification and of warfare". No mistaking intentions there. Possibly Mr Milliband has been struck by how up to date Osama bin Laden is with his new rant on global warming and is seeking a joint endeavour with Al Queerda.

Azad foams on:"...We have had campaign after campaign that tells people Islam is peace. What peace does a man have when he is oppressed?"

Earlier this week, cannibal-mouth lost a libel action against a newspaper who reported his comments. He had also been suspended from his "job" at the Foreign Office(where Ed Milliband's brother, Dave is in charge) Azam cannibal-mouth "advises" ministers on how to deal with terrorism - or does he tell them?

Anyway, no worries, he's back in post, no doubt "advising" the Gov. to give loads more money to the Taliban and continue sending our troops out without proper protection or sufficient helicopters.

Thats one way of making sure they don't return to protect us!

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