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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Lebanese Health Minister"the plane exploded during mid-flight.."Debkafile

On Tuesday February 9th, Jawad Khalifeh, Lebanese health minister made a statement regarding the Ethiopian plane "crash".

He admitted "the plane during flight, and the cabin, as well as those of the bodies on board, were dispersed in the sea, in different locations." This was an explanation of how the bodies were found dismembered. According to Debka, the heads, hands and feet were missing from corpses, which were marked by blast marks. This is consequent of an explosion.

Hizbollah operatives, the polite word for murderers, who were booked on the flight, must have received information and changed their booking at the last moment.

Apparently Al Queerda was behind the bomb. Maybe Hizbollah have committed a "global warming" crime of some sort and upset Obama bin Laden!

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