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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

East London Advertiser - 'Islamist' emails from Tower Hamlets council address sent to UKIP

Islamonazis in Tower Hamlets, east London, have sent, at taxpayer's expense, attacking e-mails to the local UKIP - United Kingdom Independence Party - telling them:

"Islam is the majority religion in the UK, and if you don't like it here, you can go!"

This is another example of The Big Lie, or taqqiya as it is called in the koran. Tell a big enough lie and enough(stupid) people will believe you!

Hitler used his Big Lie to the same effect and look what happened to him. Unfortunately, the ex-Mufti of Jerusalem got away: this is his legacy.

The creeping of islamic infiltration, stepped up in the early 1970's, in east and west London, till now.

The Big Taqqiya, is just a lie, islamonazis make up about 1% of the populalation, but it's 1% too much.

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