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Saturday, 27 February 2010

This is the kind of Dhimmi Islamic Asshatery We have published in a major London newspaper:Is this a triumph for the Islamic peacemakers? | News

"Learned scholars" "fatwa for peace".

The utter ignorance and self-deception of these classic Dhimmis is mind-blowing!(if only)

A few days ago, the Duke of Devonshire said: "The English Aristocracy is finished".

They have morphed into a bunch of islamic jihadi dhimmis, who are the new English Aristocracy! These upper class twits do the work of the jihadis in getting their wealthy friends into the cult. Like the 1960's but with suicide bombings. Allegra Mostyn Owen, Jemima Khan, Kanzler Osbourne's brother..

I knew sex for the upper classes was a haphazard event, especially for the women, but to marry a muslim just to get some nookie!

Its like the human version of spiders mating, except after sex, SHE buckles on the old suicide belt and - Allahu Akbar!

Please click on link below.

Is this a triumph for the Islamic peacemakers? | News

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