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Friday, 26 February 2010

George Soros & friends betting against the Euro: not exactly Rocket Science!

If you have enough money you can make even more. The more money you have, the more leverage of world events.

As they said in the brilliant book "The Magic Christian", everyone has his price!

Frankly, the creation of the Euro was an exercise in greed, for all Eurocrats - a massive gravy train!

So, it will be good riddance Euro! And hopefully the EU will follow shortly.

The Germans and the French wanted this so badly, yet now they do not want to help the Greeks! No doubt the French and Germans helped Greece, Ireland and other nations to enter the Eurozone, with plenty of sleight of hand.

Well done Greeks for bringing up the fact that the Nazis stole their gold reserves when they invaded, and the Germans have not repaid it!

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