Message to one diktator re another

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Message to English Jews in Israel: shut up!

According to news reports, English Jews in Israel are furious because their identities have possibly been used by Mossad.

I say possibly because no FACTS have been established. But...this is WAR!

However, the reason English Jews are in Israel is because Israel is a beautiful country and a pleasure to live in.

The only reason it is not like the surrounding "countries" is because the Israeli powers keep it as beautiful and as safe as possible.

Are they upset because their names have been associated with the assassination of an islamonazi multi-murderer of - Jews?

If individual scum like Maghbouh are allowed to flourish, its possible these English Jews, living in their preferred country, would be blown to bloody rags in a suicide bombing.

I find it unbelievable they even dared to open their mouths! Israel should send your ungrateful backsides back to freezing Londonistan, you bunch of kapos!

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