Message to one diktator re another

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Lindy West of Seattle, the New Feminist! She thinks a woman being stoned in Iran is "boring" -

Lindy does not like women, and she thinks the appalling men in the movie are being victimised!

And she doesn't like Christians either!

I am not sure where the "racism" comes in, but anyone that disagrees with her is a racist!

How did this ignorant and TOTALLY uneducated creature become a paid columnist??

A guest reviewer of the film:" The Stoning of Soraya M", she can't seem to differentiate between what happens NOW, in muslim countries, and what happened 2000 years ago in the Middle East! Is she totally deaf and blind??

Mmm. I WOULD enjoy a stoning if Lindy was up to her fat neck in sand and fist-sized rocks!!

The rest here.


  1. Hey, you've answered your own question: ignorant and totally uneducated creatures become paid columnists.
    It's in the job description!

    You know what else here bothers me? The amount of people who bother to reply to that air waster. She doesn't deserve to be talked to.
    That's right - she deserves to marry a good Iranian man, and live a life of fear and obedience under his Iron fist, in a small house on some rocky Persian hillside.

    My apologies, of course, to all men who fled Iran and do not abuse their wives. You deserve much better than this piece of garbage :)

  2. Stick her in a freedom sack and circumcise her. Problem solved.

  3. Funny how these western feminists suck up to Iran isn't it? - Lauren Booth converted to Islam there six weeks ago