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Monday, 4 October 2010

Jordan IS Palestine! A Palestinian speaks!

I have been given permission by Mudar to put his comments on this blog:
" I am a Palestinian, and an expert on the matter. Mr. Suleiman Zaman, you 've mentioned international law. According to international law; under the United Leagues, UK occupied the British Mandate called Palestine, then promised it legally to the Jews to establish a homeland. Therefore, purely legally, Israel actually should have control over even Jordan, which it does not. Jordan is a part of Palestine. The only illegal state in this make up is the Hashemite one, because they were illegally given rule over Palestine (or Eastern Palestine) by one man, Winston Churchill, and that is NOT his right.

As for the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, our concern is to stop the suffering and the war for all of us, a Palestinian state inside Israel or Judea and Samaria is a recipe for a new war, or actually new war(s). Time for this to end.Reuters issued a report yesterday, believe it or not, the Hashemite regime would NOT like to see peace happening as it is against its future interest."

 During the Black September, 1970, unrest, the Jordanian army buried up to 1,000 Palestinians alive, including 500 patients in Al-Bashir hosiptal, one of my relatives lost saw his pregnant wife getting buried alive there and to this day, he has mental problems, yet again, the world is busy reporting on the Israeli army shooting a Palestinian illegal worker who crossed the security wall to work in Israel last night, I would say: Sad....really sad that that man died trying to make a living, yet at least the Israelis did not bury him alive while his family is watching!
Since Israel was established, you guys have killed less than 25,000 Palestinians in war, and the Arabs killed more than 100,000 WITHOUT A WAR....that is how our Arab brothers treat us.. 

This time, if the Israelis allow themselves to be played further, Israel will be doomed. The stakes are high, nobody agreed to publish an article of mine about this,
meanwhile, here is one article of mine about Lebanon that says exactly what you said


  1. This is a smart man, who is not afraid to look at history in the face.
    If such were the men representing the Palestinians, we actually had a chance at solving their problem, since - with all honesty - the 'evil' Israel is the only country that actually wants them to have better lives, while all the Islamic and Arab countries are just using them as a proxy / cannon-fodder to wage a war against Israel.

  2. Didn't Geert Wilders also call Jordan Palestine?

  3. Spot on! I did not know.,7340,L-3907722,00.html

  4. The fact is that most 'Jordanians' are Palestinians (I'm not sure how they can tell each other apart, but it's their own claim).
    If there were at least 90% Palestinians in Jordan 12 years ago, imagine how many there are now.

    And yet that spoiled brat of a princess of theirs goes on Facebook and Youtube, and talks to the world about tolerance and understanding.
    She even wrote a book about it, but refused to have it translated to Hebrew. Some tolerance and understanding, ah?

    Down with the Jordanian monarchy!

  5. Yes! Fuck the shite jordanian fake monarchy! they are just a bunch of jumped up camel-shaggers! Royalty! Sand cockroaches! I'm glad the book is not in Hebrew: it's pure lies and propaganda!

  6. This is an important piece of history people should know about!

  7. There will be an event in London in the new year regarding this subject.