Message to one diktator re another

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Just a thought - from the unparalleled Lame Cherry Blog

As stated by Lame Cherry and appearing in our newspapers daily, the news that the US in entering Pakistan airspace to attack and kill terrorists by drone.

Well, the Turks are flying into Iraqi airspace to kill Kurds. No one mentions that this is illegal activity, against international law! Deafening silence! But when Israel seeks to fight off an act of war in the Mediterranean, THEY are taken before the kangaroo court of the United Nazis, the Inquisition!

The point I think Lame Cherry is making is this: that Obama is deliberately fomenting anger in nuclear-armed Pakistan, as he is encouraging the Iranians in their nuclear bomb-making. A sunni versus a shia nation, at nuclear war, with Israel in the middle.

This way, the US does not have to launch any nukes itself, to help Israel: because Hussain Obama expects her to disappear in the upcoming nuclear holocaust.

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