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Monday, 4 October 2010

Jonathan Frantzen: another brain-dead lefty!

I was listening to Start the Week on BBC Radio 4 tonight. The author Jonathan Frantzen appeared, to puff his new collection of the emperor's new clothes. The BBC is the home from home for dhimmis and kapos from across the pond.

He was discussing his new book titled "Freedom". I was expecting some obscure explanation but he launched into a bitter attack on the "right" for whom freedom is packing a pistol while driving a four-wheel drive (SUV) and waving Tea Party banners.

Then it became clear: Frantzen is so hopped up on hate of anyone who does not share his views, he cannot see that the same culture that allows people to protect themselves from harm and chose who they vote for, allows twats like him to write his bilious garbage. He is against freedom to drive a car of your choice but,  for islamists who want to take over the USA by stealth and force. No interest in the hopes of women in islamic countries that they will be able to escape slavery, no! If the right-wing want it, it is WRONG!

Spanish Inquisition
Islamic inquisition
Nobody on the programme mentioned muslim terrorists, though earlier a woman-playwright talked about her "oeuvre" that had a son die in a suicide bombing. after that, silence, as they peered between the legs of the elephant.

It seems Jonathan Frantzen is a bit of a control freak; he is a typical marxist who thinks that he is entitled to tell people what to think.

Not a lot different to the Inquisitors of Spain or muslims at any time!

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