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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

IDF Relate Encounter With Elderly Female Suicide Bomber!

A pro-Israel programme is returning to tour the US by special request. Soldiers speak out on behalf of veterans of Second Lebanon War and Cast Lead.

"One video features “Inon,” who describes how he and his comrades almost were blown up by an elderly female suicide terrorist lying on a street in a Lebanese village, crying out for help. Inon, a reserve officer, took a medic and another soldier with him to treat her until they were about 150 feet away. Using a telescope lens, he noticed suicide bomb wires extending beyond her dress, and they beat a hasty retreat."

The old murderess played upon the soldiers' natural instinct to help people.

Read the rest here:

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  1. And then they blame the Israelis for murdering the elderly.
    It's quite clear that when fighting against an Islamic nation, all parts of the population are to be considered fair game.
    Sometimes even the livestock, since they are known for strapping bombs to donkeys.

    I don't mind if 10 million of my enemies die, if it preserves the life of one Israeli soldier.
    That should've been the official line of Israel, if only it represented the people it was supposed to, rather than foreign interests and spineless, self-centered traitors.