Message to one diktator re another

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

"The Development of a Jihadi's Mind" by Tawfik Hamid

This Egyptian man speaks from his own experience. He was brought up by highly educated liberal parents in Egypt, but was influenced by his school and peer-pressure.

The whole article is here. It is crucial to understanding the mindset of all suicide bombers and jihadis!


  1. That was a loooong read.

    Funny, Tolkien once wrote that the way to identify evil is: "evil does not sing".
    And these Islamic murderers ban their followers from singing.
    They might as well be called Orcs, though I believe even Orcs can sing.

  2. Did you find it interesting, in a torturous way?

    They all sing on those repulsive youtube videos with taliban, masked koranimals, and useful western idiots!

    Or maybe that is wailing, anyway, it is male voices threatening and ugly as hell!!

  3. It was interesting, and provides a lot of evidence to prove our point, yet I doubt the Islam-supporters will be willing to read something that long that doesn't correspond with their world view (all religions are the same, because I have a lazy mind - hey, look, a snail! let's eat it!).

    You're right about the videos with the terrible singing, so I went and rechecked the verse concerning singing:
    "In addition to its severe prohibitions governing sexual conduct, Salafi Islam also strictly limits most artistic expression, which it considers to be satanic. Music involving string instruments is haram (forbidden). Songs, especially romantic ones, are prohibited as well. It is haram to listen to a woman’s singing voice. Even drawing is restricted. Such harsh prohibitions suppressed my ability to appreciate beauty and prepared my mind to accept the inhuman elements in Salafi doctrine. By way of contrast, it is interesting to note that Sufi Muslims enjoy music, singing and dancing, and they rarely, if ever, engage in terrorism."

    Apparently it's women's singing that is prohibited, though somehow I doubt you'd see fun filled sing-along nights in Afghani terrorist camps :)

    Either way, the intent of these teachings is clear - to morph humans into a herd of murderous animals, whose only purpose in life is to fight and die to advance the interests of their masters.
    Every Muslim that follows Islam as it is written in the Quran, therefore, is a willing participant in an ongoing crime against humanity. That is why there is no reason to show distinction between 'militant' and 'civilian' Muslims. They're all part of the same machine, unless proven otherwise (and the burden of proof lies upon them, not us).