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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Some News ending 30 October 2011

Libya's Treasures Looted
According to The Sunday Times (paywall), Libya's ancient treasures going back to 530BC have been looted from the bank vault they were stored in. There are also priceless gold artifacts from Alexander the Great's rule and Roman rule.
Gold coins have been leaking out of the country recently and a single ancient Greek coin from the hoard recently sold for £268,000 ($431,695) at a Paris auction.(List made by Italian archaeologists:)
More here.
Qatar Buying Up More of UK
Qatar, home to al Jazeera and the supporters on the new Libyan regime's islamist backers, is now in the forefront of a group buying up the historical English Grand Prix course at Silverstone. Do we want more of our national heritage bought up by groups who have no respect for anyone's heritage but their own? I mean mozlems who smash and destroy anything that has nothing to do with islam, like the giant buddhas in Afghanistan. Will Qatar use Silverstone to promote islam and attack Judeao-Christianity?

Nigel Mansell, former Formula 1 champion and a vice-president of the British Racing Driver's Club, is one person who is very concerned.

Qatar funds the richest prize in English horse-racing, owns the new Shard building in London, owns Harrods and has large stakes in Barclay's Bank and Sainsbury's. They also own the contested site of the Irish Guards'Chelsea Barracks in central London. just two months ago, according to the Sunday times, the bidders were American and British, no one is saying how the Qataris leapfrogged the other groups.

UK/EU Pigs at the Trough
More news of wormheaded "Barrenness" Cath Ashton, foreign affairs rep for AND Vice President of the Fourth Reich (European Union), has been swanning around at the Commonwealth Meeting in Australia. although she has nothing to do with it, her husband, former guardian journo and head of yougov market research, is now chairman of the Royal Commonwealth Society, so no doubt got a free pass. Apparently the barrenness is rated disappointing and below average by other EU officials. But never mind; it's just taxpayer's money!!
Then we have the UK mps "in-house banquets". "mps are giving access to parliament's dining rooms - which are off limits to the public - from which they have received thousands of £££s in sponsorship, free air travel and donations to local parties! Again, what is the problem, it's only taxpayers money...
Phillip Blond, the so-called "architect of David Cameron's 'Big Society', has got the hang of it: he uses money from a think tank he created -with donations - to fund luxury holidays, designer clothes, a luxury flat in Central London and boxes at the opera. Obviously, some people's society is bigger than others!!

Drone Wars
 New drones have been designed to take warfare to the skies at a new level. They can fly at 65,000 feet, the stratosphere.
 In 2002, NASA tested:
SkyTower, Inc., in collaboration with the Japan Ministry of Telecommunications and NASA, successfully completed a series of commercial telecommunications tests - the world's first from more than 65,000 feet in the stratosphere.
The tests, which began three weeks ago, were conducted from Pathfinder-Plus, an unmanned solar-electric aircraft developed by AeroVironment, Inc., the parent company of SkyTower. Both companies are based in Monrovia, Calif.
The solar-electric powered Pathfinder-Plus took off from the U.S. PMRF Naval Base in the morning, climbed to more than 65,000 feet in the stratosphere, and reached its operating station in the early afternoon. From this position over the scenic island of Kauai, Pathfinder-Plus transmitted several hours of next-generation mobile voice, data, and video services to multiple handheld user devices on the ground.
Now, with the communications sorted, the new Boeings will be fuelled by liquid hydrogen . More here.

Finally the occupy wallstreet/stock exchange/st Paul's Cathedral etc, mob.

John Nolte of big government has this to say:
"What I’ve collected below  is far from comprehensive but still shows over 75 incidents of sexual assault,  violence, vandalism,  anti-Semitism, extortion, perversion,  and lawlessness.
The MSM could easily tell the story of how this violence-prone movement is becoming an increasing threat to our society. After all, my research below is the result of nothing more than Twitter and Google. Among others, The New York Times, Washington Post, Politico, and the LA Times have willfully chosen not to use the resources at their disposal to give the public an honest look at this growing menace. In their partisan minds, truth doesn’t trump agenda."
His rap sheet can be seen here: 
Here we can see the senseless violence and casual racism of the occupy mob, one of whom pushes a black policeman off his bike, then runs away.


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