Message to one diktator re another

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

"Reward Offered !!"

The reason this has been posted is that the original poster has received threats from mozlems and their useful idiot lefties. While the internet - youtube, jihadi websites and blogs -  are full like an overflowing sewer, of anti-semitic, anti-Israel, anti-Western and anti-Christian diatribes, threats and promises of bloodthirsty death at the hands of the "Religion of Peace", there have been only muted Facebook expressions against the sub-humans who 24/7 vomit out this bilge.

Well, this is changing; Jews and Christians are not naturally warlike and we are patient. but when we are stirred, nothing will stop us. We will fight back on all levels against these brainwashed, parasitic vermin amongst mozlems, marxists and other Nazis!!

 "Want to make $100,000? Bring two murderers to justice!"

As Maariv reports, as well as HaKol HaYehudi, the Liebman family who lost their son Shlomo killed together with Harel Bin-Nun of Shiloh, while on security patrol at Yitzhar in 1998, have announced they will pay $100,000 to anyone willing to kill the terrorists who were released as part of the prisoner swap.

Seems one killer was deported to Gaza, the other to Turkey.

If you go to the site, you can see the announcements in English, Hebrew, Arabic and Turkish.

I think it's somewhere on Facebook.


  1. goddamnit this is exactly why i made that video yesterday morning making the case for Israel to have the death penalty for at least terrorists who have murdered Israelis. an Israeli family shouldn't have to publicly offer money for the execution of convicted terrorists by a private party. not only is that a lot of money but there's also the risk to the family that feels obliged to put the call out that might invite reprisals on them. seeing Gilad reunite with his father and reading this is so gut wrenching it just pulls on your heartstrings in both directions.

  2. LOL! I wonder how long they'll last now?

  3. i made a follow up video today and gave this story you posted about hear a plug: