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Thursday, 20 October 2011


Four relatively unknown Jews were banned from attending an Amnazi International conference on anti-Semitism. Is AMNAZI that scared of what these four people might say? Are they so intolerant of everyone else's views they cannot tolerate any dissent?? 
Amnazis practising apartheid.
 From Richard Millet's blog:
I was hoping to write about the Amnesty event Demolitions & Discrimination against Palestinian Citizens of Israel: The case of Al-Araqib but when I turned up last night I found I was on a banned list of six people because of someone’s comment on this blog.

Underneath my coverage of Amnesty’s event on 23rd May about Israel’s so-called control of the media Roberta Moore commented:

My two cents:

This conference should have been cancelled.
There are ways to force people to cancel such conferences. Threaten to bring the EDL. It works. For those that do not work, we infiltrate and disrupt. (Like I did with the One Society many cultures).

Our passive protests are NOT working guys! We need to change tactics. I know and I have just the thing to disrupt such conferences and ensure everyone gets out of the room ;)
No one gets hurt.

We must use a new approach.”

In hindsight I should have moderated this comment due to the threatening insinuation. I usually try to moderate comments like this, but some I don’t moderate because someone may have already criticised the commenter. In this case someone did just that by stating immediately:

“I agree that more active protests are desirable. But not from the EDL.

My hope was for more criticism of the EDL and its approach. But I do not believe that if the EDL was going to disrupt a future Amnesty event they would discuss it openly on my blog.

I think that most bloggers will accept it is quite a task moderating a blog and keeping an eye on every comment.
The last thing I would wish to do is to encourage any kind of disruption.
But if you listen to the audio of my exchange with Tom Fyans, Amnesty’s Head of Campaigns, who was on the door to greet me, he was convinced that Roberta Moore and three of her associates, myself and Jonathan Hoffman were coming to disrupt the meeting.
Why would the Amnazis think such a thing?? Is it because those are the tactics they use to drown out anything they don't like to hear?? The Amnazis and their pet Cageprisoners.

The rest is here.

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  1. have you seen the latest Pat Condell video? it's called the palestinian lie it's brilliant!