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Friday, 21 October 2011

Occupying Wall Street: Theft is Rife!!

It’s been mostly peace, love, and bongo drums for the Occupiers at their Zuccotti Park campground, but recently the leftists got a life lesson that they can’t blame on Wall Street.
Thousands of dollars in cash and pricey electronics have  reportedly been stolen from the clutches of the anti-capitalist movement.
Stealthy thieves plundered the ramshackle living quarters of the Occupation last night, according to the New York Post, including $2500 in donations stolen from the kitchen. One protestor claimed his $5500 laptop was also taken.
“Stealing is our biggest problem right now,” one kitchen volunteer told the Post. Another protestor said of the current security situation:
“The worst thing is there’s people sleeping in the kitchen when they come, and they don’t even know about it! There are some really smart and sneaky thieves here.”
“I had umbrellas stolen, a fold-up bed I brought because my back is bad — they took that, too!” added another.
And still another: “I had my Mac stolen — that was like $5,500. Every night, something else is gone. Last night, our entire [kitchen] budget for the day was stolen, so the first thing I had to do was . . . get the message out to our supporters that we needed food!”
It’s unclear whether the Zuccotti burglars are outsiders or have been sleeping there for weeks. Considering it’s the “biggest problem,” though, it seems it might be an ongoing issue. Who knows, maybe they were protestors who decided the whole Communism thing just wasn’t working for them.

An even more interesting question at this point is, will Occupy Wall Street report it to the NYPD?
If so, Occupiers may now be forced to go facemask-in-hand to the officers they have spent weeks maligning, and ask for help in the future to identify suspicious activity.
Even if the cops agree to help, determining what constitutes “suspicious” in a an open air youth hostel could prove difficult. More here.


  1. next week some anti-Israel middle east studies "professor" from Berkeley University is going to be heading a prayer/sermon at the federal reserve building in S.F. as a show of "solidarity" with the occupy Wall st. movement. the federal reserve building on Market St. is where these hippie types have staked out their occupation. i'm hoping this event will provide my next video opportunity.
    but in the mean time, a friend of mine made a best of video montage of all my leftist agitating antics here in the S.F. Bay Area. it includes mostly footage that has been on Youtube but also some that we never got around to uploading it's sure to give you a good laugh. i posted the link on today's posting on my pro-Israel blog.

  2. i was in Oakland again today and i finally have some new video for a change. some of it is my prankster type stuff and a little bit of documentation of what seemingly is a bit of this stealth jihad slithering it's way into the occupy Wall St. movement. i'm uploading the stuff right now i'll have the links in a new posting shortly.