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Thursday, 20 October 2011

After Saturday comes Sunday...


Point of no return

Grieving relatives of Copts killed by a recent military crackdown leave Abbasiya Cathedral and pour into the streets of Cairo. (Photo: Amel Pain / EPA-Corbis)

What begins with the Jews, never ends with them. Last week's massacre of Copts in Egypt (let's call a spade a spade: 'clashes' suggest that both sides were responsible for the violence) prompted Joseph Wahed, co-founder of JIMENA, to write the following letter to the Wall St Journal. It was published on October 17.

As an Egyptian Jew, I read with special interest Matt Bradley's article "Clashes between Christians, Police rock Cairo," Monday, October 10.
This reminded me of what our Coptic neighbor told my family as we were being expelled from Egypt in November 1952.: "After Saturday comes Sunday." He accurately predicted that the Coptic community also would feel the wrath and hatred of Egyptians, much of it inspired by radical Muslims.

Read the rest here.

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