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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Norway: Marxists Rushing to Church, Boycotting Israel!

This lunchtime on BBC Radio 4 news, the bells on the 17th century cathedral in multi-culti Oslo were ringing, people were wearing black and praying. (....) Surely some mistake! All Christians are right-wing!!?? What are a bunch of islam/sharia law loving dhimmis doing in a Christian place of worship? Why did they not go to the mosque??
Here is what the charming youth of the Norway Socialist party were doing before they were shot:
 It seems these Norwegian socialists were more concernned to bash Israel that look at the tragedy befalling their own nation!!
" It’s been hard to be ethnic Norwegian in Groruddalen. It’s about massive language problems, as well as a pressure to adapt to the norms that feels totally alien to us who have a Western way of life and thinking.
- There are nursery schools where almost no children or parents are speaking Norwegian, and schools where children are being threatened with a beating for bring a packed lunch of salami.
- Girls are bullied for being blonde, dark hair and colors to fit into. It is not okay to be gay at school, not an atheist and certainly not a Jew. Especially the last three years have been frightening to see and hear about what’s happening, “said ├ůserud." 
Figures from Statistics Norway support the claim. There are now 3000 fewer ethnic Norwegians Groruddalen than just two years ago. Depopulation occurs faster than before, but over time the figures speak clearly: Groruddalen has lost 20,000 ethnic Norwegians in the last 15 years, despite population growth. Ethnic Norwegian-share has dropped from 82 to 56 percent in 15 years. More here.

"Look: If a Muslim man, with the full support of Islamic texts and teachings, commits an act of Jihadist terrorism and murders many people, he gets cheered by quite a few Muslims, yet the Western mass media want us to believe that this has absolutely nothing to do with his Islamic beliefs. If an allegedly Christian man commits an act of violent terrorism that is condemned by virtually all those who share his religion, suddenly his religion becomes relevant. Does this compute? Why do we accept this?" From here. 
Since 9/11 there have been 17,494 murders by mozlem terrorists - jihadists who want to destroy the West.
No one says a word!!
"Suspected Taliban militants hanged an eight-year-old boy in southern Afghanistan after ordering his father, a local police commander, to surrender, a government spokesman says.
The child was kidnapped by militants in Greshk district of the southern province of Helmand four days ago and was hanged on Friday, provincial governor spokesman Daud Ahmadi said on Saturday.
“The militants had warned his father, who is a local police commander, to surrender with his police vehicle and weapons, otherwise they would kill his son,” Ahmad said."
"Police in China attempt to regain control of a station, where
 community activists shouting "Allah is the only god" spontaneously
 hacked a teenage girl to death, along with several others.
No mention by the oh-so-caring Norwegian Socialist party that they want to put a stop to this!!"
What we have here is more of the usual scapegoating: this time of Christians, non-marxists and bloggers. Bloggers are the messengers of truth; but they are being attacked and brought down in flames because they say what a certain group don't want to hear!! The truth!
My message to all bloggers is: Keep telling the truth, keep exposing the lies of the MSM and the socialist fascist regimes!
The hypocrisy of the Norwegian prime minister is echoed in all our "leaders"!
He dares to say the safe haven of an island where his chosen youth were to have an anti-Israel rally, is now a hell: what about the streets of Malmo and Oslo and all the other places where the unprotected Norwegian populace, children, girls and grandmothers are fair game for the Marxists pets!! is at the mercy of murderous, raping mozlems, Somalis, Pakistanis, "palestinians", and unlike them, have no protection whatsoever!!

Is it any surprise that this man had had enough of the traitors in the government?? 

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  1. although i don't agree with what this guy did i can see where he was coming from on some of his talking points. and i can certainly tell you i'm not shedding any tears for Norway over this. especially if it turns out this island was little more then a indoctrination center for future islamonazi appeasing liberal politicians. please if you find any more information about this "summer camp" or whatever this island was please post it.