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Sunday, 17 July 2011

North Koreans: Tell the World We are Starving!!

The United Nazis Nations and and various other anti-Jewish scum bash Israel day in day out, for NOTHING, yet they say nothing to that monster in North Korea!! Where are the so-called human rights groups lobbying the government or holding demos outside the North Korean Embassy?
There is nothing more these fascist-run enterprises like the United Nations, the EU, NATO, the "progressive" regimes in the US and UK, love more than a totalitarian hell-hole!

It was an ice-cold day in the North Korean border town of Musan when a small crowd gathered round what looked like a bundle of rags on the platform of the railway station.
"I went up to see what they were looking at," recalled 63-year-old Lee Sun Ok, a North Korean farmer who had come to the city to sell some small rice-cakes she had made to earn money. "And then I saw it was the body of an old man with a piece of cloth placed over his face.
"I asked if he had fallen down because he was sick, but the people shook their heads and said, 'No, he was just too hungry and died for lack of something to eat.'"
Mrs Lee's account is among shocking first hand testimony about the dramatically worsening living conditions in the secretive Stalinist state obtained by The Sunday Telegraph last week.
In almost 10 hours of interviews during clandestine meetings with The Sunday Telegraph just inside China, four North Koreans who recently risked their lives to flee across the tightly-guarded border from their homeland described the desperate plight of those left behind.

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  1. protesting against N.Korea just simply isn't the "progressive" didn't ya know!? last year N.Korea torpedoed and sunk a S.Korean ship with all hands aboard only about 2 weeks after the first gaza terror flotilla fiasco. of course who knows about that? that's wasn't important because everyone was on the Israel bashing band wagon over the stupid mavi mamara raid. the We Con the World Video had it so right! United Nazis (U.N.) i love that!

  2. by the way you may find this local (as in the San Francisco scene) pro-Israel blog site of interest. today's posting features gaza brandy new metro market. for a people who so desperately need flotilla aid those shelves seem pretty well stocked.

  3. Don't expect this world, even your own country, even your own party, even your own locale, to be fair, or you'll go out of your mind. It's a dog-eat-dog world. The holocaust occurred under the noses of America and the entire Western world. Thousands of times they flew over the rails that lead to Auschwitz and never once bombed them. You can have a Darfur genocide, or severe North Korean hunger that lays children to waste away, and the media will remain silent - but let one Palestinian creature be struck and the world reacts violently. Only Moshiach will take Jews out of this sea of inequity and enmity.