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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Spain: Out Come The Conspiracy Theories, Lies and Blood Libels of the New Spanish Inquisition

(Google translate)"Maria Jose Lera believes that the Holocaust was an act timely fruit of a conspiracy between the Nazis and their "allies" Zionists.
by James
Maria Jose Lera
  The author of an article accusing Israel of being behind terrorist attacks in Norway, and professor in the Department of Psychology and Education at the University of Seville (see tab) is a pro-Palestinian activist (rather, anti-Zionist) radical not only been content to accuse Israel of committing genocide in Gaza (see this article as an example) or to justify terrorism against Israeli civilians by Hamas and Hezbollah in the context the Lebanon War II (Summer 2006) while the roles reversed, accused
Israeli government "genocidal terrorism" against the people of Gaza and Lebanon, as well also violate the Fourth Geneva Convention, all of the international covenant on civil and political abuse of their right to self defense, as well as International Law humanitarian Law. And all this with the passivity of the UN and the support of the United States. (See the following article "Israel, right of self defense Is bullying law?").

As I said before, María José Lera was not content with this and has gone further. In an article in response to a previous article by Eduardo Galliano, in the context of the antiterrorist operation "Cast Lead," his hatred of Israel has led to trivialize the existing Judeophobia in Europe for centuries and see the Holocaust as an act timely fruit of a conspiracy between the Nazis and their "allies" Zionists (emphasis, mine):

     "For the slaughter of Jews was always a European tradition" '(phrase of the article of E. Galiano).

     You should know a book recently written about the myth of Jewish wandering and persecution, and the invention of the Jewish people As for the genocide of the Holocaust particular, note that not only was carried out against Jews, but as you know well against gypsies, communists, and so on. In addition, many articles of the time establishing the link between Nazism and Zionism, and their collaboration in the Holocaust to expel the German Jews, Poles and Austrians to Palestine (see Jabotinsky and its links with Mussolini, for example). As the slaughter of Jews

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