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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Norway: Classic Totalitarian Methods, Shut Down All Opposition!

Here is a post in a Norwegian newspaper, showing four freedom fighters against islamic totalitarianism and colonisation:


 (Google translate)WAS USED BY BREIVIK: From left, Robert Spencer, Serge Trifkovic, Aaayan Hirsi Ali Bat Yeor. Behring Breivik mentions a number of names in his 1500-page manifesto. These are with blogger Fjord Man and writer Bruce Bawer the premier he shelves.
his 1500-page manifesto quotes and shelves Anders Behring Breivik (32) more h√łyresideideologer as role models. The work is a compilation different lines of thought, but is characterized by a strong anti-Islamist stance that can be linked to the so-called counter-jihad direction found on the web.
- As the Beatles would have feltAccording to the manifesto says Breivik the U.S., Islam-critical author Robert Spencer deserves the Nobel Prize because he "patiently monitors the spread of jihadi terrorism around the world on his website Jihad Watch." Spencer says to Dagbladet on mail that he has never been in contact with Breivik.
"If I were an inspiration for his work, I feel the same way as the Beatles must have felt when they found out that Charles Manson was murdered after being inspired by a remark he thought he heard one of their texts. There was no such message. And it will not have healthy people find some of my work, which has always been dedicated to defending human rights for all people, "says Spencer.
Spencer is by many considered to be an extremely Islamophobic and spread hatred against ethnic groups and religions, among other things, he criticized the U.S. organization, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which works against the organizations, institutions and individuals they perceive as anti-Semitic or extremist.
- I hope the debate continuesSerbian author and historian Serge Trifkovic cited a number of places in the script to Behring Breivik. He writes to the newspaper Dagbladet that he never has been in contact with the mass killings accused 32-year-old.
"To be cited in his" Manifesto "- along with Bernard Lewis, Speros Vryonis, Rudyard Kipling, Frederick v. Hayek, Roger Scruton and many more - are an uncomfortable curiosity. Many may influence a disturbed mind. When he worked in Berlin early in the 1800s could not Hegel have dreamed that he was using a perverted version of his ideas would "contribute" to the tens of millions would be killed by Marxist dictators in the future. However, it is unfortunate about the tragic incident last Friday misused to try to limit the public debate on various key challenges to our civilization, "says Trifkovic.
Trifkovic is considered by his critics as a Serbian ultra-nationalist, he is also Srebenica-denial. He was refused admission to Canada when he worked for Serbian war criminals.
- Absolutely terribleThe Norwegian blogger Fjordman is one of his shelves, he calls him "the most talented right-wing writer in Europe."
Fjordman, who is anonymous, writes the blog Gates of Vienna about how it feels:
"Absolutely terrible. I do not know what else I can say. (...) It seems that he has cited a wide range of publicly available texts, some of which are mine. His total disregard for human life, however, nothing he could have picked up from me or from any other Islam-critical writer I know, as Robert Spencer and Bat Yeor. On the contrary, disregard for human life one of the major shortcomings of Islamic culture that we have consistently pointed out, "writes Fjordman.
- ScaryNorwegian-American Bruce Bawer has even written a comment about it being mentioned by Breivik widely. Bawer in his book 'While Europe Slept "outlined his fears of" Eurabia ", the Muslims take over Europe. He believes Muslims will dominate Europe in about 30 years.
"Breivik cites approvingly and far from my work, he mentions my name 22 times. It's scary to think that the blog posts I've made at home west of Oslo in recent years can be read and copied at home in the west of Oslo, of one who would be mass murderer. It is also frightening to see that he moves from legitimate concerns about the genuine problems and over to an evil "solution." (...) He did not take out people randomly, he said Labor was responsible for the policies that lead to the Islamization of Europe - and therefore guilty of treason, "writes Bawer.
Would tell the Nobel CommitteeThe Somali-Dutch politicians Ayaan Hirsi Ali is Breivik big fan of. He believes she deserves the Nobel Prize, although he says he disagrees with that she compares Islam with Christianity and Judaism.
"Nevertheless, her views matured and because of her background, she has made criticism of Islam acceptable to people who otherwise have difficulty digesting arguments like this. There is no doubt that she is an extremely courageous person. Despite death threats, she never hesitated to point out that many of the problems in the Muslim world comes from Islam itself. She is invaluable in the fight against global jihad, "writes Breivik.
Through his secretary Denis Ali responds that "because of her hectic schedule at the moment, she is not able to answer your questions"
- Have never heard of Breivik
Another who deserves the Nobel Prize, according to Breivik, the Egyptian-British writer Bat Yeor. She writes in the e-mail to the newspaper Dagbladet that she has

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