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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Obama, the Cancer

Cancer is a terrifying disease: it attacks healthy cells and creates its own network of blood vessels to spread its terror around the body. The warnings are there, losing weight, possibly small lumps, low white blood cell counts.  The mind tries to ignore the truth that something is wrong. More warning signals appear as the cancer progresses. By the time the patient gets to the doctor, it is too late; the cancer has spread to all the vital organs including the brain. This is the West under Obama: he is the cancer.

Now he is attacking Israel's defences.

Just now, on BBC Radio 4 news, Hans Blix said that "Iran and North Korea (regarding their nuclear capability) are wounds to be healed".

He also placed Israel in a list with the two rogue nuclear states.

It is becoming increasingly clear that this upcoming meeting in Washington is nothing to do with ridding the world of nuclear weapons: this is firmly aimed at Israel and her alleged nuclear weapons.

There has been NO singling out of Iran, who has threatened to use its weapons to wipe Israel off the map.

This is a message to Bibi: please do not go to New York, send your shoe-shine boy. Because you are needed in Israel.

Obama is intent on further humiliation and now you have to tell him: FUCK OFF, TRAITOR!

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