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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Nick Clegg is UK Obama: fully-fledged Euro-fascist with Jew-hater Barrenness Jenny Tonge in party.

What a pair! Its not so much that they love the Fakestinians so much - I can't see Cherie Blair's sister voluntarily hiding behind a burkha or the ravishing Tonge walking ten steps behind hubby - no it's their Nazi Jew-hatred that brings them together. And what brings butch Tonge to the very un-Liberal Democraps.

Euro-fascist Clegg wants the UK to get rid of our Trident submarine nuclear deterrent - while the Middle East and Venezuela (and soon Zimbabwe) are growing nukes like Topsy. He also wants an amnesty for all illegal immigrants including criminals.

According to the Daily Mail, Clegg, who is half Russian and has a Spanish wife, said,

"British people have a more insidious cross to bear" than Germany over the Second World War(...?)"We (the British) suffered from"delusions of grandeur" and a misplaced sense of superiority" over having defeated the horrors of Nazism"

Does this ring any bells of the Obama type? It should. Obama is busy quashing America's exceptionalism and trying to demote his country's superpower status.

Nick Clegg, a former Eurocrat, wishes to continue the destruction of the British culture as he is clearly contemptuous of it. He is also as removed from it as Obama is from American culture and there are parallels with his parentage too.

Talk about the rot from within!

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