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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Moscow Times: 147 toddlers Infected with HIV in Uzbek hospital

This is the future for Europe and  America: Islamic "medicine" for the ordinary person, proper western medicine if you are a mullah or a member of the "mullocracy".

This was first reported in 2007, but ignored by world media. 14 children in a hospital have died and 133 have been infected with HIV apparently via contaminated blood transfusions. A number of nurses and doctors were arrested at the time.

Similar infections of children have also occurred in Kazakhstan and Kyrkhyzstan. All 3 are autonomous Islamic Republics.

According to the UN, Uzbekistan has one of the fastest growing rates of HIV in the region. 16, 000 new cases were documented in 2009, an 11-fold increase on 2001, when there were 1400 cases documented. However, these figures could still be underestimated as with a population of 27 million mainly muslims, it is taboo to mention sex or AIDS.

In February of this year, an Uzbek health activist, Maxim Popov, was jailed for 7 years for handing out leaflets telling people how to avoid infections by using condoms and using disposable syringes.

I wonder if Amnesty International know about him? They probably don't want to upset their Islamic masters by taking up his case!

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