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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Ahmadi Says Tehranis should Move because of "Earthquake".

This wont come as a surprise to Iranians. Last year on twitter, after the fraudulent June elections, some commentators thought that the Islamic Republic under Ahmadinejad were planning to build a new capital. This new city was to be built with the express purpose of making it easy to control the populace. In other words, there would be no hiding place for demonstrators or dissidents, electronic surveillance would be built-in and no doubt, police check-points.

The alternative reason is that the Islamic regime of Iran are expecting a catastrophe but not necessarily an earthquake. More likely a nuclear war. Otherwise, why mention it now, two days after announcing Tehran will have joined the nuclear club in one month? 

No wonder islamic countries are laughing at the West: do we have a suicidal urge, is that why the Obamanation, Broon, the Russians and Chinese do nothing and now it is too late? 
(Daily Telegraph) 

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  1. that's no earthquake; that's the rumbling thunder of overhead jets and the earth shaking from..., well, we can hope?