Message to one diktator re another

Friday, 3 February 2012

Vote GOP!!

Via Astute Blogger


  1. ron paul is talking to peirce morgan on CNN right now and he's saying the "wipe Israel off the map" comment from iran's so called president imanutjob was taken out of context. he claims imanutjob was only talking about Israel's government. i wonder if any one has told paul yet about how the current ayatolla in iran said today that if iran is attacked by anyone they would in turn attack Jewish ( not Israeli, but Jewish! ) establishments all over the world. in a previous GOP debate he pretty much ration rationalized iran having nukes. please don't endorse ron paul in any sort of way he'll be worse for Israel then Obama.

  2. David, NEVER FEAR!! Ron Paul is a real KKK protocols of zion conspiracy fuck-bag!! The thought of him being a gynaecologist makes me vomit!! Hopefully he will meet a friendly accident soon...

    1. here here ta that! i'll be heading off to S.F. in a couple of hours to see what those iranian regime loving leftists are gonna be up to over there today, wish me luck. i'll be in touch later today but i'll be posting to my blog immediately whatever i upload to Youtube. hopefully if all goes well i'll have something good.