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Sunday, 5 February 2012

CNN Blaming Europe for Alienating Turkey and Iran

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Map of World showing spread of Izlamic Empire, From a small Saudi clan in Arabia.

~According to CNN, Europe should not be upsetting the Turks, by making a law, in Europe - not Turkey! - that forbids denial of the Armenian Massacre and attempted genocide by the Turks. Just like there is an apparent law that forbids denial of the Holocaust of Jews(...).CNN is speaking as if it is a mouth piece for either of these Islamo-Fascist regimes:
 "Harsh sanctions on Iran are seen as an attempt to prevent a Muslim country from developing deterrents to attacks from Israel and the United States, both nuclear powers hostile to the Islamic Republic."
No mention, of course, of Iran's promise to wipe Israel off the map, to murder Jews all over the world and to attack US targets!!  Also, although Israel never denied or agreed that they have nuclear weapons, CNN knows better: they HAVE!!
"For many in the Muslim world, double standards explain why France singled out Turkey, and didn't criminalize the denial of other nations' crimes against humanity. Although denying Germany's crimes is a crime, the Holocaust is universally accepted as genocide, while Turkey's is not."
Note all the deflection, all the tough questions avoided, all the half-truths and distortions! This paragraph of contradictory nonsense refutes the fact that Turkey, Iran and the rest of the izlamic empire, DENIES the Holocaust of Jews ever took place!
"Many ask why disputing European massacres of non-European people is not criminalized -- such as the French actions in Algeria, as Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has said. These would include the near-total extermination of native populations by European settlers in Australia, New Zealand, and North America."
These above have all been acknowledged. Europeans no longer go around the world and massacre peoples: but mozlems DO!! They have been doing it for 1400 years and they are doing it NOW, 24/7/365!!
"The issue of Armenian genocide touches a very raw nerve in Turkey, which denies the scale of the killings -- Turkey maintains that roughly 500,000 Armenians were killed -- as well as the claim that it was planned. According to Turkey, the killings happened in the midst of the disarray accompanying World War I and the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire. Turkey says a nearly equivalent number of Turks and Kurds were also killed in inter-ethnic strife with the Armenians, who were allied with the Ottoman's Russian adversaries."
So that is an OK!! An excuse, no doubt the same excuse that will be used for the mass-murder of Jews in Europe under the Nazis!

According to the koran, there is Dar al Harb, the place of war, and Dar al izlam, the place of izlam, or mozlem countries. Dar al Harb are the countries who have not yet submitted to izlam, either at the "point of a sword" or bombings, murders, terrorism, legal jihad.
So war is a central part of izlam. Not only do they fight the non-mozlem, they fight each other, torture their own children - in Iran and Syria, and  also murder them!!

CNN is an apologist for totalitarian, racist, anti-Semitic, izlamic regimes.

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