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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Racist Mozlems Almost Kill Sister for Kissing "White Man" - Daily Mail

Shamima Akhtar, 18, was bundled into a car, called a whore and a prostitute and had her waist-length hair cut to her neck by her two older sisters, Nadiya, 25, and Nazira, 29, and brother Kayum Mohammed-Abdul, 24.
They had "screeched" in the car park of a restaurant in Basingstoke, Hampshire, when they saw her kissing Gary Pain on April 1 last year as she celebrated her 18th birthday, Winchester Crown Court was told.
An "extremely aggressive and threatening" Mohammed-Abdul grabbed Mr Pain by the throat as Miss Akhtar was "firmly escorted" to the car and thrown in, Peter Asteris, prosecuting, told the jury.
The case centred on "honour-based domestic violence", the court heard, in which Miss Akhtar was punished for breaking her family's rules.
Miss Akhtar came from a strict Islamic family and was controlled by her siblings, but she considered herself Westernised, the court heard. All three defendants deny kidnap, actual bodily harm and false imprisonment.
 "Importantly, she must not have any contact with males of a different culture." Even though she lived in England! So these savages HAVE come to colonise and steal our country, NOT be part of it!!!
And the bitches are as bad as the beardies!!
Read the rest here.

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