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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Liar and Revisionist, Obsessor with Israel and Jews, the Appalling Gilbert Achcar

From Point of No Return:
Minimising the Palestinian Mufti's role in fermenting Jew-hatred and likening Jews in Arab countries to Japanese-Americans during World War ll, professor Gilbert Achcar's poisonous revisionism has now penetrated university Jewish Studies departments. To add insult to injury, his critics are being silenced. From Blue Truth blog, via Elder of Ziyon.  Achcar may have been courageous in acknowledging the Holocaust was a uniquely horrifying event directed at Jews and that Palestinian leader Haj Amin al-Husseini’s anti-Semitism and collaboration with Hitler were deplorable. But after these observations, he careened into anti-Zionist, anti-Israel charges and distortions. Despite ample evidence to the contrary, he argued that the Mufti’s Jew-hatred had little influence on Palestinian and Arab hostility to Israel. He dismissed evidence about the cross-fertilization of Muslim anti-Semitism and Nazi-inspired anti-Semitism as hyperbole and charged that Israel exploits the Holocaust and exaggerates the Mufti’s influence only for propaganda purposes.

More disturbingly, he has argued that the rise of Zionism in 1920, not prejudice, spawned Arab Jew-hatred, essentially accusing Jews of causing anti-Semitism. Indeed, in his book, he excuses the current popularity of the Czarist anti-Semitic forgery, “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” in the Arab world, arguing it must be read from an anti-Zionist, not an anti-Semitic, perspective.
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ALSO this update:
"Don't expect me to take a pro-Israel view. I'm an Arab."
So declared Gilbert Achcar—professor of development studies and international relations at the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies—at the outset of his lecture last month at the University of California, Berkeley. Those in the audience hoping for scholarly objectivity were thus informed that Achcar's ethnicity trumped intellectual independence and that, despite evidence to the contrary (Nonie Darwish, the founder of Arabs for Israel, comes to mind, as do the majority of Israel's Arab citizenry), an Arab could not be pro-Israel. One had to give him credit for at least confirming his biases up front.


  1. sounds like more of the sort of history revisionist bullshit liberal fascists are so notorious for these days.
    and yes i agree about ISM from your comment on my blog. i know that NGO all too well. paul larudee is what i call the imperial wizard (high ku klux klan rank) of the local ISM chapter and was on both flotillas. his close ties to hamas is well documented in a few videos out there but here's one if your interested. in case you haven't seen it already here is part 1:

  2. here are some more liars when it comes to Israel. meet the women in black from earlier today in oakland ca. be sure to also watch the bonus video: