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Sunday, 20 November 2011

The End of Democracy in Europe: Euro Meltdown is a Burning Reichstag Moment...

Peter Hitchens at the Daily Mail:
"Civilian juntas have seized power in Rome and Athens. Soon, similar gangs of grey men may be sweeping aside national governments in Madrid and Lisbon. Nobody much is protesting. In time – don’t rule it out – it could be our turn here, with Lords Patten and Mandelson forming a  cabinet of none of the talents.
Our ruling Left-wing elite seem oddly untroubled by the ruthless snuffing-out of national sovereignty across southern Europe. If the same thing had been done by a bunch of colonels, they would have been piously outraged.
But of course these putsches are the work of the European Union, a project the Left have long supported. And the EU is more subtle than any colonels. There is no need for midnight arrests or tanks on the streets. The enormous invisible power of the EU’s law and institutions gets its way without any need for such things.

The sheer dictatorial nerve of Italy’s new viceroy, Mario Monti, is impressive. He has formed a government without a single elected politician in it.
You may well say that Italy’s politicians are, like ours, a sorry collection of blowhards and amateurs. But that does not mean they should be replaced by something worse – robots under the command of the EU Commission.
Once again, please pay close attention. This is the best warning you will ever get of what the EU is really about. It is an empire, in which the great nations of Europe, including ours, are intended to disappear for ever.
It has from the start been based on a grave mistake – the idea that national differences and independence no longer matter and are obsolete. It is this mistake which led it into creating the mad single currency that is now ruining it. But people who are driven by ideals can seldom see when they are wrong.

You and I may grasp that the euro has failed, as we always knew it would. But in the high councils of Euroland, they are unable to recognise this blazingly obvious reality.
 INSIDE their tiny, deluded world it is all the other way round. The euro is a sparkling success that must be kept alive at all costs. So is the European Union. We must march onward towards ever-closer union, even if it is so close that it suffocates us to death.
In the minds of Chancellor Merkel and President Sarkozy, those to blame for the present problems are the countries that have inexplicably gone bankrupt, or the ones who are about to do so.
Their peoples must undergo collective punishment for their failure, and be driven mad by useless austerity programmes that devastate their countries while failing to dent their debt. They must submit to direct rule from Brussels, no longer allowed even to pretend that they are independent.
It will be painful to see how much treasure will now be squandered on trying to fend off reality.
But, as Britain learned during John Major’s Exchange Rate Mechanism crisis, you cannot keep out the ocean with a garden fence.
When all this is over – and let it be soon – it seems increasingly likely that several countries will have been forced out of the euro.
This country may have been strong-armed into imposing a ruinous EU-mandated tax. Heaven knows what Germany will have to swallow. The sad thing is that, even after the  turmoil, the waste and the pain, the major British political  parties will continue to insist that this country should stay in the EU.
Why do they do this? There has never been any good reason for us to belong. There are now hundreds of reasons why we should leave.
When will we get a leadership with the courage to say so, and act accordingly?"

I think people will look back to Silvio Berlusconi with regret for what he has been replaced with: the Euro-dictatorship, or more correctly, the Fourth Reich.

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